How to Organize a Garage or Warehouse with Hardboard Pegboard Panels

Tablex Hardboard Garage

As a professional who runs or works in a wood importing company or a trader of wood products, you may be on the lookout for the newest products that can be beneficial to your buyers. One product that you may want to learn about is HDF wood boards, such as Tablex. Tablex is made by European particle board manufacturer Betanzos HB. It is an affordable, reliable and green product that can be used in a wide array of applications. This makes it perfect for your environmentally conscious buyers and their consumers. One of the ways that Tablex panels can be used is in the form of a display panel. This can be used to help buyers and their customers organize their commercial garages and warehouses. Here are a few of the various ways that these ecological wood composite panels can be used to organize commercial garage, workshops and warehouse spaces.

Easily Find Keys Within the Office

One of the ways that hardboard can be used in a commercial garage or warehouse space is to hang keys within the office to a Perforated PF hardboard panel. Any commercial garage or warehouse has many different keys that are used for different purposes. One key may lock and unlock entry and exit doors. One may be used to open or lock rolling doors. One set of keys may be used to operate fork lifts or other pieces of machinery. And another key may be used to lock up valuable items or tools.

If an employee or supervisor is unable to find the keys they need when they need the keys, it can slow down productivity within the commercial office, garage or warehouse. People have to spend time searching for the keys or tracking down who has them. With a Tablex display panel, you can easily put the keys when they are not in use, making them easy to find and ensuring each key is properly labeled.

Hang Tools and Equipment with Pegboard

Another way that HDF fiberboards can be used to organize a commercial garage or warehouse space is by giving you or your customers the ability to hang tools and equipment. Typically, tools and equipment are left lying around a commercial garage or warehouse space. Items like screwdrivers, hammers and bolt cutters may not have a specific home. But when an employee needs to use this tool, they have to spend time searching the warehouse or commercial garage for the tool or equipment they need.

Now imagine if each tool had a specific place where it could be hung or placed. This is what a Tablex display panel provides. It provides a specific location where each tool or piece of equipment can be placed when it is no longer in use. Not only does this make it easier for other employees to find the tools, but it can also help prevent tools and equipment from getting beat up or banged around, which can extend their lifespan.

Organize Retail Products at Point of Sale

The last way that HDF wood boards can be used to organize a commercial garage or warehouse is to organize retail products. Tablex makes point of sale, or POP displays. These displays can be placed inside of commercial garages or warehouses, in addition to retail stores. This allows you to pick up retail products that are within your space and display them properly. This helps to create an organized work space and makes it easier for customers who may step foot inside of the commercial garage or warehouse to find what they are looking for.

POS displays are available in a wide selection of sizes and patterns, so there is sure to be a display that fits whatever product or item you are looking to organize or display within your warehouse or commercial garage space.

Business opportunity for wood traders

Wood importers and traders need to be aware of products that are hitting the shelves at all time. This helps them to recommend the right products to their buyers. If you are in the wood importing or trading industry, high density fiberboard, also called HDF board, is a product that you should be familiarizing yourself with. The more time you take educating yourself on the many uses of these boards, the more likely you will be to invest in them and recommend them to your buyers down the road, which ultimately can be a win-win for both of you.

If you are a professional buyer or trader interested in exploring more information about Tablex, ask our sales team. Betanzos HB is a high density board factory and sells directly to industries, wood product traders and wholesalers suppliers in 90 countries. In Betanzos HB we are looking to expand our delivery net.

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