An Ecological Approach to Marketing Displays with Hardboard

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The art, style, and effort put towards marketing with point-of-sale displays (such as display stands, shelf edging, and display packs among others), can make or break a promotion. Point-of-sale displays are meant to draw a customer’s attention to the marketing of new products, special offers, or even the promotion of on-coming special events. They therefore have to be crafted and designed with materials that offer endless customization opportunities to make them visually appealing, functional, ecological, and strong enough for their specific application.

Using ecological hardboard in POP displays instead of PVC and cardboards

Point-of-purchase (POP) display equipment such as roll stands, shelves, display boards, counter tops, statues, and many others use cardboards, plastic/PVC, and wood composite panels in their construction. All these materials are inexpensive and readily available, but PVC and cardboard materials have extensive disadvantages compared to hardboard or high density fiberboards (like Tablex) as they are popularly known as.

Disadvantages of using cardboards and plastic/PVC in point of sale displays


  • Bad aesthetics for POS display marketing
    As mentioned before, point-of-sale displays are meant to draw a customer’s attention and therefore aesthetics are imperative in the material used to make a display structure. Cardboards have an appearance that is generally less desirable for such craft projects, and it often looks and feels cheap. A cardboard will invoke thoughts on a customer that you did not think of investing good in your display. They are also prone to wrinkling and bending which further takes a toll on their appearance.
  • Bad/poor moisture resistance
    Cardboards provide very little resistance to moisture because of their structural composition. When they become wet, either because of exposure to excessive moisture in their surrounding environment or through direct contact, their material softens, weakens and eventually becomes pulpy. They are also highly absorbent, making them a poor material for point-of-purchase displays because they can easily transfer moisture to their contents.
  • Weak for heavy display items
    Although their material is lightweight, it is very weak for use in point-of-sale displays where heavy items are on sale. Heavier items need a denser material like hardboard. With cardboards, your display stand will either have to support a few items at a time or else the structure will bend, pucker and crush.


  • Not ecological
    The biggest drawback with plastics is that they are not biodegradable. They neither corrode nor decompose. For environmental conscious customers, this is the worst option to consider for point-of-sale displays as the improper disposal of these materials could result in harmful compounds finding their way into water bodies or even being ingested by animals. PVC materials are based on oil, have plenty of glues in them, and their fabrication entails the use of potentially dangerous chemicals used as stabilizers.
  • Weak and less durable than hardboard
    PVC material cannot support heavy display items or items in large quantities because it lacks structural strength like with HDF wood boards. Plastics are also prone to scratches and easy cracking when exposed to heavy pressure, giving them a short useful life.

Benefits of using hardboard for point-of-sale displays

High density fiberboard is highly beneficial when applied in creating POS displays and components including bases, side panels, shelves, headers, backs and more. Their advantages over cardboards and PVC include:

Strength and durability

HDF board offers exceptional strength and durability suitable for the construction of all types of POS displays. HDF material is the densest wood composite material because its wood fibers are compressed at the highest pressures and temperatures. With hardboard, you need not worry about the amount of weight your display can support, unlike with plastic and cardboards.

Eco-friendly alternative

Hardboard is the best ecological material for POS displays. Not only is it reusable and recyclable, but also nature friendly when disposed. It easily decomposes and doesn’t leave behind toxic substances or any kind of waste that would cause some kind of pollution. HDF boards like Tablex are created with natural materials (wood and water alone) and no synthetic adhesives are added in the process.

Offers unique customization opportunities

High density fiberboards can easily be customized into any design, style, shape and color to create creative displays for any type of POS. They can practically be shaped to resemble anything (hardboard is a great fit for CNC laser cutting machine). In addition, they are easy to set up and move around when used as POS displays. Hardboard can come in its standard form or pre-painted as desired by the client. Either way, the client can easily draw, write, or paint on this material as part of their point-of-purchase advertising strategy.

Offers a perforated option

The perforated hardboard option is one of the most relied upon material in POS displays. Perforated hardboards, also known as pegboards, allow for easy hanging and un-hanging of items on display. Perforated boards offer a beautiful display that customers can’t pass noticing.

Offer high moisture resistance

Unlike with cardboards, HDF fiberboards offer extemporary moisture resistance. They are designed to withstand moisture in their surrounding environment as well as avoid soaking in water when they come in direct contact. They keep display items within them safe from dampness or damage.

Attractive and visually appealing

Hardboard looks warmer and more attractive than plastic or cardboards, making it a better option for POS display structures.

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