A Quick Guide To Eco-Friendly Wood Composite Panels

Tablex Hardboard vs Other Panels

The lumber industry is ground zero in terms of environmental impact and the need for eco-friendly hardboard wood panels has a direct and discernable impact. Particle board manufacturers that want to stem the tide of climate change and protect the Earth for the next generation are tasked with start-to-finish sustainable practices. In terms of making wood composite panels, a true eco-friendly outfit recognizes that HDF board must not only begin with a sound practice, but also enjoy recyclability.

That’s why high density fiberboards suppliers such as Betanzos HB distribute Tablex HDF fiberboards. Our truly eco-friendly products are rooted in 100 percent eucalyptus wood that is culled from sustainable forests as proven by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification certificates (PEFC). The high density fiberboard in the Tablex wood boards are processed in a fashion that enables the materials to return to the Earth and maintain nature’s life cycle.

Social Commitment to Hardboard

Betanzos HB works inside a business model that focuses on rural development of Spain forests. Although the forestry principles are competitive in nature, they also engage in socio-economic growth in the local wood industry. The hardboard panel company internally monitors strict certification practices while engaging in transparency and sustainability.

Sustainable Process By The Particle Board Manufacturers

The key to making an eco-friendly hardboard product rests in utilizing natural elements. One of the noted things that the Tablex line enjoys is avoiding environmentally hazardous chemicals to marry the eucalyptus wood fibers. These HDF fiberboards are set on metal mesh during the polymerization process, which gives them a deeper tone than some other products in their class.

Why Eco-Friendly Hardboard Matters

Betanzos HB manufactures a Tablex line of HDF wood boards that are based on sustainable raw materials. The pressed eucalyptus wood chips are merged without unnatural additives. This makes the hardboard panels a green product. Many other board makers (MDF, OSB, particle board or plywood) incorporate formaldehyde into their products.

Formaldehyde is commonly used as an embalming agent and widely recognized as a human carcinogen. Many pressed-wood cabinets, car components and even toys include formaldehyde to the detriment of human health. This chemical has been linked to high rates of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS destroys the human body at the cellular level. Lacing a home or commercial building with this dangerous chemical is an unnecessary and common practice that environmentally-astute high density boards suppliers reject.

The Tablex hardboard line is also created with CO2 retention in mind. The CO2 trapped in the eucalyptus wood remains primarily intact during the board-making process. The commitment to hindering the release of CO2 gases sidesteps significant contributions to global warming. The HDF fiberboards are also able to be recycled and are biodegradable after post-construction use. HDF board acts in a similar fashion to a fallen eucalyptus tree. They return to the Earth.

Unsustainable products have a negative impact that begins with poor forestry management, hazardous chemical usage that effects everyday people and the product’s end-cycle further injuries the environment. Eco-friendly hardboard products matter because they help protect the future.

Utilizing Eco-Friendly Hardboard Panels

As high density boards suppliers, Betanzos HB distributes sustainable construction panels to 90 countries. The heightened awareness about the company’s green practices and chemical-free materials have contractors and homeowners calling for the products. The Tablex line includes the following hardboard products and these are their common applications.

  • Standard ST-A2 – These HDF wood boards are considered an industry standard. Often utilized for subfloors and ceilings, the Tablex ST-A2 high density fiberboard is chemical-free and sustainable.
  • PF – This perforated wooden high density fiberboard is a non-structural product that enjoys use in workshops as a type of pegboard and has been adopted for sound design. Its machine-drilled holes allow noise to pass through and its environmentally sustainable manufacturing allows it to be included in homes.
  • Superlac SL-A1 – Geared toward interior décor, this non-structural product works in conjunction with suitable lacquers. As a wall paneling or drop ceiling paired with an eco-friendly finishing product, it incorporates safe, healthy and sustainable materials into residential or commercial properties.
  • Mobelpan – This non-structural hardboard panel has been designed to adhere to water-based paints. It has been widely used as a decorative wall and ceiling panel. It also has been embraced in the professional and commercial sectors as a material used for free-standing partitions.
  • C2 Plus – This specialized, high density fiberboard is commonly used for flooring and subfloors. The calibrated boards have proven beneficial in buildings that focus on reducing carbon footprints and reducing unnecessary and hazardous chemical-based materials.

The Tablex line of hardboard materials are considered leaders in an industry often marred by unhealthy and unsustainable manufacturing practices in undeveloped countries. Betanzos HB is an European manufacturer from Spain. Focus on client service and satisfaction, as proven by a quality management system certified by the Standard ISO 9001, we produce under the high EU standards regarding quality and legal security.

Betanzos HB sells directly to industries and deliveries in 90 countries and we are looking to expand our resellers net. Contact our sales team if you are a professional buyer or trader interested in exploring more information about hardboard and it’s posibilities.

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