7 Reasons Why Hardboard is Better than Other Wood Composite Panels

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As a wood importer, trader or distributor, you have to decide which products to carry. If you are looking to purchase composite boards, you have many options. But there are many benefits to buying from high density fiberboards suppliers, like Tablex. Here are seven of the reasons why high density fiberboard is better than other wood composite boards.

Hardboard is Made From Sustainable Forests

HDF wood boards are made from eucalyptus wood of sustainable forests. Eucalyptus is a a sustainable material. It can quickly and easily be replanted and does not use a lot of land, water or time to grow. Other types of engineered wood panels have a greater carbon footprint and are less sustainable. Tablex has an edge on these materials due to its sustainability, as proven by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification certificates (PEFC).

Hardboard is a Clean Product

When wood composite boards are made, most types of wood are mixed with items like chemicals and glues to strengthen them, bond them and hold them together. Another reason HDF fiberboards are better than other wood composite boards is because hardboard is a clean product. Hardboard does not use these chemicals and glues to bond the product together. Instead, all that is used is pure water and wood. This is what makes it a clean product.

Hardboard is Recyclable

More and more companies are looking to be environmentally-conscious when they select building materials. The third reason why high density fiberboard is better than other wood composite boards is because hardboard is recyclable. Not all types of composite wood panels can be recycled easily like Tablex. If a board cannot be recycled, it simply goes to the landfill or dump after it has served its purpose. This takes up more space in landfills. Hardboard can be recycled, helping to keep it out of landfills and dumps.

Hardboard is Biodegradable

While HDF wood boards can be recycled, not everyone recycles everything they can or should. The fourth benefits associated with hardboard is that it is biodegradable, and as a natural heat source as a renewable fuel to produce energy at the end of its life. This helps to clear valuable space in landfills and helps to ensure the wood product doesn’t stick around for decades to come.

Hardboard Can Be Used in a Wide Range of Applications

Composite boards can be used in a variety of different ways. But HDF fiberboards expand upon this and can be used in even more ways. Hardboard can be used in the creation of furniture, to create decorations in the home, such as shelving, as flooring or subfloors, during the construction phase of a building, to construct doors, as a soundproofing material, to make ceilings and panels for cars, to create packaging and shipping material, to make a container or for point of sale displays. The possibilities are endless with hardboard, making it the ideal material for a huge variety of needs.

Hardboard Has a Great Deal of Flexibility

The sixth benefit associated with HDF board is one of the lease expected benefits. Hardboard is better than other wood composite boards because hardboard has a great deal of flexibility. Many different types of wood composite boards have some give or bend to them. But the amount of give or flexibility they have is limited. This limits the way they can be formed and used, especially when using them in a curved application. Hardboard is extremely flexible, allowing to bend further than other materials. Regular Tablex is flexible itself, but an extra flexibility product Type I0,  is in the Betanzos HB catalogue. This helps it to be used in unique ways and circular and curved formations.

Hardboard is Durable

The seventh and final benefit associated with high density boards over other wood composite boards is that hardboard is more durable. When selecting a wood composite board, people want a product that is strong, long-lasting and can withstand the rigors that it is placed under. Hardboard is one of the strongest and most durable types of wood composite boards on the market today.

As high density boards suppliers, you have to carefully pick out the products you import and distribute. Learning the benefits associated with HDF boards will help you learn why they are better than other composite boards and how your customers, clients and buyers can benefit if you carry and supply these materials.

If you are a professional buyer or trader interested in exploring more information about Tablex, ask our sales team. Betanzos HB is a high density board factory and sells directly to industries, wood product traders and wholesalers suppliers in 90 countries.

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