5 Advantages of Using Hardboard Siding in Dry Conditions

Tablex Hardboard Siding

As someone who works in the wood importing, distribution or resale business, your customers and buyers expect you to be in the know about all the different types of wood products that are out there. When they ask a question, they expect you to be able to guide them toward the products that their customers will be looking for. Those who are purchasing wood and construction materials may be looking to purchase siding materials for customers and clients homes. When they ask you what products they should be considering, you may want to guide them towards high density fiberboards, also called hardboard siding. Many companies, including Betanzos HB, manufacture HDF boards. As high density boards suppliers, you will want to learn the benefits of these types of boards so you can pass on this knowledge to those who buy from your business.

Here are five of the advantages of using HDF wood boards for siding.

1: Hardboard Siding Comes in Different Colors and Textures

One of the benefits associated with HDF fiberboards is that the boards come in different textures and colors. Homeowners do not want their home to look like everyone else’s home. They want their home to be unique in both its exterior appearance and the color of the home. Selecting a siding that is available in different colors and textures helps homeowners get a home that is as unique as they want it to be.

They can select a board that looks and feels like natural wood. Or a board that has color to it and may look like cement or stucco siding. The sky is the limit when it comes to the different colors and textures that particle board is available in, making it a great choice for homeowners who want something unique and different. 

2: Hardboard Siding is a Green Product

The second benefit associated with HDF wood boards is that the product is considered a green wood composite board, or in other words, it is environmentally-friendly. Hardboard siding is made eucalyptus wood and water. Eucalyptus is a fast growing tree, harvested responsibly, and widely available. It can be replanted and quickly grow without using too much water. The product also has low formaldehyde emissions and a small carbon footprint.

More and more people are aware of the impact they have on the environment and the impact their choices have on the environment. As such, they are opting to buy products that are environmentally-friendly. This product fits that bill.

3: Hardboard is Recyclable

The third benefit associated with high density fiberboard is that hardboard is 100% recyclable. Once the product is no longer able to perform its job as siding on a house, it can be removed from the home and recycled. This is important, as many siding materials, including stucco, cement, stone and brick, are not recyclable. This gives this product a unique advantage that not many other products have.

4: Hardboard for Dry Conditions

As homeowners selecting a siding material for their home, they have to be careful if they live in a humid environment. Humidity and moisture in the air can be damaging to many wood-based siding products. Humidity and moisture can cause wood siding to warp, rot and become damaged. But this brings us to the fourth advantage of HDF fiberboards. Wooden fibreboard painted (with water based paint applied by roller and a UV-topcoat) can be used in dry conditions. HDF board has a better performance against moisture than other enginereed wood panel. This makes it a great option for those who want an affordable wood-based siding in states with low rainfall or under porches.

5: Top Coats and Layers Can Be Applied to Hardboard

The fifth and final benefit associated with using high density fiberboards as siding is that top coats can be applied to the hardboard. Different top coats serve different purposes. Some types of top coats are designed to reduce the frequency in which a homeowner would need to clean their siding. Other top coats are meant to enhance the sheen or shine of the board. And other top coats are designed to keep water from rain or sprinklers from hitting the hardboard. Regardless of what type of top coat a woodworker wants and why, the right top coat can be applied to hardboard, giving them the look and benefits they are after. Betanzos HB produces Tablex in different finishes, but it is also a supplier of raw hardboard for industries that incorporate it into their processes and add different layers of acrylic sealer, melamines or other materials.

If you are a professional buyer (wood trader, importer or distributor) interested in exploring more information about hardboard and it’s posibilities, ask our international sales team.  Betanzos HB is a manufacturer from Spain. We produce under the high EU standards regarding quality and legal security.

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